Sunday, February 25, 2024
Who we are

Patentec AS is an innovation hub for new sustainable technologies


Patentec is based on the idea “innovative engineering” under the belief that we have to bring something really new to the table. If we are going to do it, it has to solve something that has not been solved before. It has to be of commercial significance and protected by IPR.

Patentec was founded in 2017 by Hilberg Karoliussen, engineer and inventor

We have developed the proprietary VCR engine technology enabling a seamless transition to a fossil free future

The VCR engine is a true flex-fuel solution running on all fuels, ranging from e-fuels to fossil fuels

The VCR engine is a technology platform suitable for all internal combustion engine (ICE) applications

Electrification is not all about batteries. Liquid e-fuels is one way to store electricity, batteries another

Lars Ødeskaug

Over 30 years management experience in technology and industry companies.

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Hilberg Karoliussen

Successful inventor since the 1990`s

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Arne Lindstøl

Over 30 years of experience within shipbuilding industries.

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Einar Aarnes

More than 30 years in management and finance

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Knut Skårdalsmo

More than 30 years experience in engine and fuel techonolgy

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