The combustion engine has been re-invented

DEE-DCR engine has changed the engines core. It`s actually a total process redesign due to the fact that this invention is capable of changing the entire automotive industry.  With a reduction of more than 30 % on fuel consumption in gasoline version, it has the power to make a significant impact on the worlds search for low emission transportation.

Split Cycle Compression and Expansion Process

Split Cycle Compression and Expansion Process (DEE) means that the two internal processes in the engine each have more than one stage. Both the compression and the expansion have two stages in the DEE-DCR Engine. By compression this decreases the work during internal compression and subsequently allows a higher compression rate without the risk for self-ignition. The double expansion process uses the remaining exhaust pressure to partly deliver power for first stage compression – partly delivering the retrieved power directly to the DEE crankshaft.

Variable Compression Ratio

DEE has a unique Variable Compression Ratio (VCR) and is dynamically adjusted depending on driving conditions at the time. The Variable Compression Ratio(VCR) has an unique built-in function which controls the top dead point of the piston in the cylinder according to the degree of fuel /air mix in the cylinder. As the engine speed increases and loads change by acceleration, the intake, the compression and end pressure remains constant, which results in a high thermal efficiency of the engine.

The dynamically Variable Compression Ratio opens up a door to biomass based fuels and it might be operated on different fuels without any technical changes or rebuilds.

Dynamic Adjustable Cam

The Dynamic Adjustable Camshaft (DAC) changes the angle of the double cam automatically in relation to the crankshaft and results in varying the timing of the valves. This results in DEE DCR providing a better torque at high speed and increases the power of the engine.

About Patentec AS

Patentec AS is company based in Arendal, Norway with is roots evolving from many years of experience in engine design and offshore technology. The business is innovative, entrepreneurial and has a clear objective to commercialize our IPR on the newly developed DEE-DCR engine in a global market.

Our IPR have passed the national level and are in an EPO patenting process in 38 countries. Later, the IPO patent process will secure our IPR worldwide.

Patentec AS is developing DEE-DCR to be used in vehicles that will reduce the fuel consumption by an average of more than 30 % in comparison to a conventional petrol/gasoline engine.  The engine is also, due to its unique mechanical construction, also suitable in different configurations based on fuel types like diesel, natural gas and biofuel.

Eurostars 2-  DEE-DCR project

In june 2018, our application for funding under Eurostars -2 resulted in a positive evaluation and ranking position 93 out of 375 eligible applications.  This is a project we are going to run together with TEVVA Motors to utilize the DEE-DCR engine as a range extender in their EREV.

TEVVA is a company in UK, specialized on electrical vehicles in small trucks. Their uniqueness is their patented Predictive Range Extender Management System (PREMS) algorithm predicts the vehicle’s daily energy consumption, based on GPS route data and weight carried to optimize the use of the range extender – without driver input required – to maximize best use of the battery.

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Project start planned in November 2018 and with a duration over the next 18 months.